“Ned Hill’s new release Six Feet Above Ground (Michael J. Media) is full of honest stories of life’s hard won victories and bitter defeats. Produced by Dave Coleman in Nashville, the album is Hill’s first solo album after years of making music as Ned Van Go, the Cowards and in the Blue Cha Chas. With Jeffrey Perkins on drums and Johnny Mark Miller on bass, the songs keep a beat that recalls the best of early country music. Fiddles round out Hill’s acoustic guitar and the result is a downhome understated wonder…”

The album weaves tales of streets and railroads, love and loneliness, struggle and survival, all cradled in comforting country arrangements that’ll leave you feeling all right on your ride home after the show. – Melissa Clarke-Americana Highways

“Hill’s got some serious songwriting chops, without getting too fancy. He’s not trying to be Bob Dylan or overly clever, but he regularly turns an honest phrase that hits home. ‘That’s My Story’, for exams;e, tells the story of the highs and lows of (maybe) his own life by tapping into a driving rhythm and what I take for honesty: ‘White knuckle liberal arts anxiety, so I scored a little dope from some SAE’s, but wound up on the floor praying for a resurrection.’ It’s easy to picture the scene.” –Suzanne Cadgene-Elmore Magazine

“Heavily lived in lyrics that aren’t made for white bread, commercial consumption, he doesn’t cut corners when it comes to proudly displaying his rough edges. A solid bet for those that like it kept real, this is grand trip down the back alleys of humanity as it goes about it’s daily business.”- Midwest Record

“Great Record!” –Joe Berry-Back 40 podcast- World Wide What Not

“With ‘Six Feet Above Ground,’ Ned Hill fights the good fight for all of us struggling day by day, hoping one day to come out as winners. Sho’ nuff not bad for “an old folksinging troubadour!” – Don & Sheryls Blues Blog